NATO SPS Cooperative Cyber Defense Capability Building
CYDEF Cyber Defense Workshop

1. Theme: Cyber Defense Capability Building

2. Program Committee: CYDEF Executive Committee

3. Sponsors

a. Oversea sponsors

The NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme(NATO SPS)

NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE)

Digital Society Institute, Germany

Army Cyber Institute, U.S.Army

b. Domestic sponsors

Cybersecurity Strategic Headquarters, Government of Japan

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Government of Japan

Ministry of Defense, Government of Japan

Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan

Keio University Cyber Security Research Center

Institute of Information Security, Japan

Cyber Security Laboratories, Tokyo Denki University

Economic Research Institute, Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry

Defense Structure Improvement Foundation, Japan

Governance Architect Organization, Japan

Cybercrime Investigation Knowledge Forum

4. Days

April 3 to April 6, 2018

Open workshops: April 4 to April 5

5. Place

Meeting Room in 6th floor, The Kikai Shinko Kaikan building

3-5-8, Shiba-koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo

6. Members

a. Speakers

Oversea:17 Domestic:18 Total:36

Speakers' biographies and exective summeries are here.

b. Audiences

Each day: around hundred Total: Two hundreds

7. Agenda

b. Day1: April 4

The presentations in Day1 are here.

Time Slot Event Theme Speaker(s)
1000-1145 Key Note Speeches Cyber Defense Capability Building Fujii(ATLA), Liflander(NATO) and Gaycken(DSI)
1300-1800 Tr.11 Lectures How to Build a Cyber Defense Eco System Murai(Keio Univ.), Hathaway(Harvard Univ.), Yahiro(Hitachi), Rohozinski(CEO,SecDev Gp.) and Taniwaki(MIC)
Tr.11 Panel Discussion Demchak(USNWC), Rohozinski, Hathaway and Taniwaki
Tr.12 Lectures Building Technical Strategies and Capabilities Rohozinski, Goto(IIS), Gaycken, Yasuda(TD Univ.) and Aitel(CEO,Immunity)
Tr.12 Panel Discussion Ito(METI), Yasuda, Gaycken and Aitel

Note: Titles omitted and organizations using abbreviations.

b. Day2: April 5

The presentations in Day2 are here.

Time Slot Event Theme Speaker(s)
1000-1145 Key Note Speeches Cyber Defense Capability Building Mayson(USPACOM), Alatalu(CCDCOE), Maxwell(ACI)
1300-1530 Tr.21 Lecture How to Develop and Retain Cyber Defense Personnel Carvalho(NATO)
Tr.21 Group Discussion Yuasa(DPr.IIS), Shimizu(CIBOK-CIKF), Norifusa(NEC),Tezuka(Keio Univ.), Kostopoulos(Harvard), Lee(Korea Univ.) and Antunes(NATO)
Tr.22 Lecture How to build Strategies for Cyber risk management Hayashi(Musashino Univ.)
Tr.22 Group Discussion Kostopoulos, Demchak, Hathaway, Widmann(CCDCOE), Matsuoka(Oracle) and Fujii(NRI)
1540-1805 Tr.23 Lecture How to Conduct Cyber Defense Operation Akdogan(NATO)
Tr.23 Group Discussion Chianello(NATO STO), Akdogan(NATO), Aitel, Takakura(NII) and Nakama(NISC)
Tr.24 Lecture Identifying Technologies for Advanced Cyberdefense Klipstein(ACI)
Tr.24 Group Discussion Takeda(Keio Univ.), Mitsunaga(IPA), Maxwell, Rohozinski and Gaycken

Note: Titles omitted and organizations using abbreviations.

8. Public Affair

a. NHK News Web, "Cyber Defense measure, Studing from NATO nations: The first Symposium was held in Tokyo", May,1-8, 2018.04.06(Now available in YouTube.").

b. Fumiaki Yamazaki, "First International Cyber Conference in Japan: Start up of Japan, the US and Europe cooperations", in Weekly Economist, MAR 1-8, 2018.

9. Products

a. Web site

b. Book: Proceedings, Springer.

10. Characteristics

a. NATO SPS cooperative event: Financial Aid and Speakers

b. No audience fee and no sponsoring from commercial enterprise, by NATO regulations.

c. Programm Committee: CYDEF Executive Committee, all staffs worked voluntary.

11. Photo


12. Broushure

CYDEF2018 Cyber Defense Workshop(Revised Edition on June 6, 2018) is here.