CYDEF2018 Agenda 04APR18
Track Speaker Title Presentation, public releasable, by PDF forma
KNS Fujii, T. "Cybersecurity Policies for Defense Industries in Future" N/A
KNS Liflander "New Domain, Old Challenges - NATO meeting the challenge of cyberspace" N/A
KNS Gaycken "Strategic Cyberdefense" 04APR18_CYDEF_KNS_Gaycken.pdf
Track 11 Pollicy How to build a Cyber Eco System
Tr.11: L1 Murai "Advanced roles of Cyber Security in society with AI and IoT" 04APR18_CYDEF_T11_Murai.pdf
Tr.11: L2 Hathaway "Building Interdepartmental Working Groups and Cooperation" 04APR18_CYDEF_T11_Hathaway.pdf@ManagingNationalCyberRisk_2018.pdf
Tr.11: L3 Yahiro "Dynamic Change in business innovation ecosystem" 04APR18_CYDEF_T11_Yahiro.pdf
Tr.11: L4 Rohozinski "Opportunity in Risk" N/A
Tr.11: L5 Taniwaki "IoT Security Policy in Japan" 04APR18_CYDEF_T11_Taniwaki.pdf
Track 11 Policy Panel Discussion
Tr.11: PM Demchak "Avoiding Cyber Vassaldom: Cyber Operational Resilience Alliance" N/A
Tr.11: PP Hathaway No Slide N/A
Tr.11: PP Rohozinski No Slide N/A
Tr.11: PP Taniwaki No Slide N/A
Track 12 Technology Building Technical Strategies and Capabilities
Tr.12: L1 Rohozinski "Cyber Tsunami: Risk Management-Effective Steps to Cyber Defense" N/A
Tr.12: L2 Goto "SIP program "Cyber-Security for Critical Infrastructures" 04APR18_CYDEF_T12_Goto.pdf
Tr.12: L3 Gaycken "Advanced Technologies for Cyberdefense" 04APR18_CYDEF_T12_Gaycken.pdf
Tr.12: L4 Yasuda "Cyber Security in IoT Era" 04APR18_CYDEF_T11_Yasuda.pdf
Tr.12: L5 Aitel "Which Hacking Capabilities are Useful for Cyberdefense and How to Build Them" External Link:PREZI Link
Track 12 Technology Panel Discussion
Tr.12: PM Ito "Advanced Cyber Defense Capability" 04APR18_CYDEF_T12_Ito.pdf
Tr.12: PP Yasuda No Slide N/A
Tr.12: PP Gaycken No Slide N/A
Tr.12: PP Aitel No Slide N/A

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2. Many panelists already lectured before discussion.

Presentations of discussants were under control of moderators.